Seasonal industries often find it difficult to find workers for seasonal positions. Most Americans seek permanent full-time employment. H-2B seasonal worker visas can help with this problem. These temporary worker visas allow guest works to meet the staffing needs of seasonal industries. The H2-B visa can help to supplement a wide variety of industries including lawn and landscaping, nurseries, golf courses, resorts and hotels, tourist attractions, snow removal, theme parks, and carnivals. Not only can seasonal worker visas be used for these unskilled labor positions, but they can also be used for more high tech positions as well.

A Houston H-2B visa lawyer can help your company apply for H-2B guest worker visas.  We have helped companies who need workers and cannot recruit enough people from local communities. There are only a certain number of H-2B visas allotted each year, so it is important to get started on the process as soon as possible. An H-2B visa can only be used for a one time, seasonal, peak load, or intermittent work. The job can be no longer than 10 months and there must be no qualified and willing US workers available for the job.

The steps to a successful Texas H2B application are complicated. With only so many visas available, it is important to complete the application successfully the first time and to do it in a timely matter. Don’t let your inexperience in Houston immigration law get in the way of getting the workers you need. Trust an experienced Houston H2-B visa lawyer to help you secure your H-2B seasonal worker visas.

If your company needs to apply for a H2-B temporary worker visas, get in touch with the Houston work visa attorneys of Samavati & Samavati. Call the Samavati & Samavati Law Firm today at (281) 999-9990 to schedule a consultation with a Houston H-2B visa lawyer to start the Texas H-2B visa application process.

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