A Green Card is the legal documentation that allows an immigrant to gain permanent legal residence. This will allow you to have the freedom to work and live permanently in the United States. The Houston Green Card attorneys of Samavati & Samavati, a Houston immigration law firm, enjoy helping clients achieve their dreams by gaining permanent immigration status.

Marriage to a US citizen, being the parent or child of a US citizen, or through a business-employee relationship is the most common ways to acquire a green card. There are other ways to get a Green Card besides family and employee sponsorship. Those that have been granted refugee or asylum status in the United States can also apply for a Green Card in Texas. A more uncommon way to apply for permanent residency is through the “Green Card lottery”. Every year, the US government randomly selects 55,000 applicants to apply for a Green Card.

Because the steps to apply for a Green Card in Texas vary based on the application route, hiring an experienced Houston Green Card lawyer can save you a lot of time and confusion. Along with helping you apply for a Green Card, the Houston Green Card Attorneys at the Samavati & Samavati Law Firm can help you with other Green Card topics. Our Houston immigration attorneys can help you define if you are eligible to apply for a Green Card by determining if you have the necessary qualifying criteria. We can also help you to adjust your status to obtain a Green Card.

If you or a loved one is trying to gain permanent legal residence in the United States, get in touch with a Houston Green Card lawyer. An experienced Houston Green Card attorney can help you through the process and get you the American life that you have worked so hard for. Call the Samavati & Samavati Law Firm today at (281) 999-9990 to schedule a confidential consultation with a Houston Green Card lawyer to get your Green Card application started.

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